Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Contest Makeup!

Hello Everyone! Yesterday I uploaded a contest video for DulceCandy87!  It was a Marilyn Monroe inspired look, I hope you guys enjoy and give me your honest opinions please!  And make the video go 1080pHD for the best quality :)

-Amnee Barakat 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Edgy Prom Makeup looks :)

Ugh, school really does take over your life.

 I'm sorry for the delay! I can't wait till 

summer so I can play around with my makeup!!

 I'm doing 2 girls makeup for prom this year

 and they both want something different! I hope

 you guys like it! I haven 't done there makeup 

yet since its on June 2nd, but heres some 

pictures to get the idea.

 The first look is just a bunch of electric 

colors, isn't she awesome for wanting this look?!!?

The second is just a purple feminine smokey 

eye, but there is a vibrant electric purple in

 the center.  obsessed with it.  

What do you guys think?