Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Time Makeup!

Hello Everyone!  I am going to make a couple posts today since I didn't have time the past couple days.  I thought this was a very fun and appropriate time to make this look. For SPRING! This look is very dramatic once you put it on, but hey if you want to wear, ROCK IT! It's definitely something unique and will make you stand out :)  This look is absolutely beautiful on all eye types, I think it will definitely make blue and green eyes POP!
How to get the look!:
First, I applied my UD primer.  Next I appliedmy NYX jumbo pencil in milk.  This is going to make the bright colors really show, so applying milk would be a great idea :) After that, I took a  shimmery lime green color from my coastal scents shimmer palette and applied it to the tear duct. If you want to check out the palette go here. Next, I apply a shimmery yellow right next to the green so i can blend it up to about 1/3 of the lid.  Next I applied a shimmery hot pink color to the rest of the lid.  Next, I took a shimmery Dark purple with a crease brush, and applied it to the crease, making a V shape from the crease to the corner of my eye.  Blend well.  It should be easy to blend since the pink and purple are close on the color wheel.  Once you finish that, apply a black liner to the lash line, and waterline then mascara and you are finished! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and hope you try it out :)
What are your favorite looks for the summer?
-Amnee Barakat <3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked out!

 Hello Everyone!  I used my Urban Decay Smoked Palette to achieve this look.  I'm not sure if they still sell this, but if you check  believe they have it!  Hope you guys like it :)
 How to achieve look:
First, I applied my UD primer potion.  Next, I applied the gunmetal color all to the lid (BELOW CREASE).  After that, I applied the black to the outer third, and blended then together.  Then I applied it under the lash line.  Once I finished that, I took a matte brown (not in the palette) and applied it into the crease just so there wasn't just a huge black mess.  After that, I took the nude color in the palette and put it above the brown and blended it.  This is so it's not a harsh transition from brown to white (brown bone color).  
That being said, I applied the matte white to the brow bone.  I added a my mascara (false lashes is totally appropriate for the look) and eyeliner in the water line and you're finished! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you try it out! have a great day !
- Amnee Barakat <3

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Golden Ocean Blue

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to share with you guys my beautiful cousin and the makeup I did on her.  I know, we look nothing alike!  I wont be explaining how to get this look just because I did this look a while back and I don't have great photos of the makeup to remember exactly what I did.  I took some gorgeous pictures of my cousin though and I thought you guys would enjoy it!  She will probably be on this blog a lot because she's my little model :) ha ha ha! The next post I'm probably posting next of her is a shimmery purple look and I think it will look AMAZING since she has blue eyes!  Have a lovely day :) 
-Amnee Barakat <3

Monday, March 26, 2012

Toned Down Smokey Eye!

Hello Everyone!  I'm currently trying to put all my old makeup pictures up before I do an updated makeup look.  This makeup look to me is borderline dramatic.  It's not too dramatic but it is a little something to spice up your look!  I don't have the exact colors I used in this makeup look, but I can give you the gist on what what to use, hope you like it!

How to Achieve the look! 
First, Apply a primer of your choice.  Next, apply a shimmery white color to the tear duct and you will actually bring it to 2/3 of your eyelid.  You're going to look quiet crazy at this point.  Then, apply a toned down gunmetal color to the last third of your eyelid.  Blend the gunmetal and white together and you'll get a pretty grey color in between the two colors.  After that, Take a defined crease brush and put a grayish black matte eye shadow. You want to apply this color in the crease and make it look defined. Once you finish that, you want to blend that color downwards very lightly.  Next, Apply a brow bone highlighter.  Finally apply your winged eyeliner and mascara and you are finished!  
NOTE:If you want to oomph up this look and make it more dramatic, change the grayish black matte into just a black matte color, and then a regular gunmetal eye shadow instead of a toned down one.  Then Apply false lashes and it will definitely be way more dramatic. 
Thanks for reading! Have a lovely rest of the day :)
- Amnee Barakat <3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vintage Rust

First off, let me thank you my absolutely GORGEOUS younger sister for being my model.  Yes, she's only 13!!  For this look, I stuck with golds and browns. All the colors I used were from my awesome Fall Festival Palette from Coastal scents.  This look was inspired by my rusted golden bracelet I found in my jewelry box, ha ha ha!
How to get the look!
First, I applied my Urban Decay (UD) primer potion all over the lid.  

Then, I applied a shimmery white to the tear duct and 1/3 of her eyelid. (Color is not in the palette, but any shimmer white will work!) After that, I applied a rusty brown shimmery color (last row, 3rd color) to the 2/3 of her eyelid. Next, I applied a dark brown with little or no shimmer (last row, 1st color)  to the rest of the eyelid.  Remember to keep all the colors BELOW the crease.  to make this look a little more dramatic take a matte black (last row, 4th color) with a pencil smudge brush and blend into the crease. And finally, add a matte white color to the brow bone.  Apply some black eyeliner to the tight line, some mascara (false lashes is always optional) and you are finished!


Hello everyone!  My name is Amnee Barakat and I just joined blogger!  I'm here to follow my dreams.  I am almost 16 and I'm postive on what I want to do with my life.  I'm not going to be no doctor or dentist, I want to become a Special Effects Makeup Artist. Yes! that's it! I get goosebumps thinking about it!  This blog is so I can build my portfolio and show my makeup on the internet.  Makeup is my passion, and I want to show the world what I am capable of doing.  Whoever put an age limit on talent is absolutely, 100% WRONG!  I've had people laugh in my face saying a makeup artist isn't a true job but I'm not letting those people get in my way at all.  Stand strong in what you believe is right for you, lead your own future and don't have anyone tell you what to do.  Enjoy my blog everyone and I hope you like what I present. :) Have a wonderful rest of the day!
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