Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Urban Decay Smoked out!

 Hello Everyone!  I used my Urban Decay Smoked Palette to achieve this look.  I'm not sure if they still sell this, but if you check  believe they have it!  Hope you guys like it :)
 How to achieve look:
First, I applied my UD primer potion.  Next, I applied the gunmetal color all to the lid (BELOW CREASE).  After that, I applied the black to the outer third, and blended then together.  Then I applied it under the lash line.  Once I finished that, I took a matte brown (not in the palette) and applied it into the crease just so there wasn't just a huge black mess.  After that, I took the nude color in the palette and put it above the brown and blended it.  This is so it's not a harsh transition from brown to white (brown bone color).  
That being said, I applied the matte white to the brow bone.  I added a my mascara (false lashes is totally appropriate for the look) and eyeliner in the water line and you're finished! 

Thanks for reading and I hope you try it out! have a great day !
- Amnee Barakat <3


  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous!!! I wanna try this.

  2. hey Amnee, why don't you make a youtube account? it'd be easier to follow the steps you do in video (:

    1. ehhh, I dont know. I dont really have time to make videos, edit them, and keep track of everything. I feel like a blog is easier for now. But thank you for the suggestion :)