Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Time Makeup!

Hello Everyone!  I am going to make a couple posts today since I didn't have time the past couple days.  I thought this was a very fun and appropriate time to make this look. For SPRING! This look is very dramatic once you put it on, but hey if you want to wear, ROCK IT! It's definitely something unique and will make you stand out :)  This look is absolutely beautiful on all eye types, I think it will definitely make blue and green eyes POP!
How to get the look!:
First, I applied my UD primer.  Next I appliedmy NYX jumbo pencil in milk.  This is going to make the bright colors really show, so applying milk would be a great idea :) After that, I took a  shimmery lime green color from my coastal scents shimmer palette and applied it to the tear duct. If you want to check out the palette go here. Next, I apply a shimmery yellow right next to the green so i can blend it up to about 1/3 of the lid.  Next I applied a shimmery hot pink color to the rest of the lid.  Next, I took a shimmery Dark purple with a crease brush, and applied it to the crease, making a V shape from the crease to the corner of my eye.  Blend well.  It should be easy to blend since the pink and purple are close on the color wheel.  Once you finish that, apply a black liner to the lash line, and waterline then mascara and you are finished! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and hope you try it out :)
What are your favorite looks for the summer?
-Amnee Barakat <3


  1. What a cute color combo for spring! It turned out great :) Thanks for explaining the steps. I might try this!!

  2. PS, I don't really have a fave look for summer, but I'm working on a few spring makeup looks right now. My fave color for spring is yellow, so that's what I'm gonna incorporate for the looks ;) It'll be the main color.

    1. Thank you so much! And I feel like toned down golds look best on me for summer