Monday, March 26, 2012

Toned Down Smokey Eye!

Hello Everyone!  I'm currently trying to put all my old makeup pictures up before I do an updated makeup look.  This makeup look to me is borderline dramatic.  It's not too dramatic but it is a little something to spice up your look!  I don't have the exact colors I used in this makeup look, but I can give you the gist on what what to use, hope you like it!

How to Achieve the look! 
First, Apply a primer of your choice.  Next, apply a shimmery white color to the tear duct and you will actually bring it to 2/3 of your eyelid.  You're going to look quiet crazy at this point.  Then, apply a toned down gunmetal color to the last third of your eyelid.  Blend the gunmetal and white together and you'll get a pretty grey color in between the two colors.  After that, Take a defined crease brush and put a grayish black matte eye shadow. You want to apply this color in the crease and make it look defined. Once you finish that, you want to blend that color downwards very lightly.  Next, Apply a brow bone highlighter.  Finally apply your winged eyeliner and mascara and you are finished!  
NOTE:If you want to oomph up this look and make it more dramatic, change the grayish black matte into just a black matte color, and then a regular gunmetal eye shadow instead of a toned down one.  Then Apply false lashes and it will definitely be way more dramatic. 
Thanks for reading! Have a lovely rest of the day :)
- Amnee Barakat <3

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