Sunday, April 1, 2012

Late St. Patties look

Hey Everyone!I actually did this look last year,  but since my camera charger is currently missing I can't upload pictures of my cousin in pastel eye shadows.  I asked her to take some photos at home and send them to me.  As soon as I get the pictures I will upload them :)  I actually think, this look could be a wearable look.  If you want to oomph up your makeup a little,hey, why not add some green eye shadow and gold glitter! ha ha ha. All the colors I used were from coastal scents click here to get the palette!
How to get the look:
As always, I applied my UD primer.  Next, I applied a yellowish green to the tear duct. Then, Apply a lime green color ALL over the lid.  Blend all those colors up a little bit above your crease. Next, Take a shimmery evergreen color, and blend into the crease.  Once that is finished, apply a winged liner (which I did horribly,sorry!) After that, take some glitter liner and apply it over the liner. The one I'm using is from forever21, $1! wooh! Finally, Apply your mascara and eyeliner and you are finished!  If you want to try any of these looks out, please post it and I would love to see!  Have a great day everyone :)
what did you do for s t. patties day?
-Amnee Barakat <3