Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cotton Candy Eyes!

Hello Everyone! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Pastels are really in this season, and I wanted to play around with them with my absolutely GORGEOUS cousin Jasmine! It was such a difficulty getting pictures of this! I couldn't find my charger so we couldn't use my camera so she went to her house at 11pm took pictures and sent them to me, ha ha ha! But, I got the pictures and I hope you love it as much as I do :) All the colors I used were in the regular coastal scents palette, click here to check it out!
How to achieve the look!
As always, I applied UD primer potion.  Then, I applied A baby blue eye shadow, on the tear duct, and brought it up to 1/3 of the lid. Next, I applied a baby purple color and applied it on the outer third of my lid and brought it inwards.  After that, I applied a baby pink color and put in the center of the lid.  Then, I applied a matte white eye shadow on the brow bone.  Finally, I used BROWN mascara. The reason I used brown mascara is because I did not want to draw the attention on the lashes, but the eye shadow.  If I applied black, then it would take away from the angelic white appeal.  And that is it! I totally recommend trying this out!  My cousin and I went to a play after this and she got TONS of compliments on this look, Thank you everyone reading!
Do you enjoy wearing pastels? 
-Amnee Barakat