Friday, April 6, 2012

Metallic eyes

Hey Everyone!  I finally got my camera charger in the mail, which means I will be doing more posts, especially since I am on spring break! Here's the I did on my sister. Hope you enjoy :)
I am not going to explain what I do step by step, because I feel like my viewers enjoy looking at the picture and don't really care for the steps, but if you actually want to know how to get the looks I do step by step, let me know please :)
I'll leave you guys with a smile from my sister :) I hope you guys enjoyed and have a wonderful rest of the day!  

Do you guys want my post to explain how to get the look? please let me know! :)
- Amnee Barakat <3


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  2. this looks gorgeous! can you write the steps down please? seriously loving this look! best one i've seen yet; keep going you're doing great!

    1. aww, thank you so much anonymous person, ha ha ha!

  3. i have a request by the way, can you do a drugstore make up look please? that would be great! thank you!

  4. post the steps please! :)

  5. really nice.
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  6. Steps please! this is beautiful!